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Oct 21st 2018 18:01 | The Outsider

huaDefinition: Apathecan

[ˌapəˈTHe kəˈn]


Short for Apathetic Canadian also applied to American relating to or characteristic of Canada or the U.S. and its apathetic inhabitants:

  • "the Apathacan ignores government's anti-privacy laws".


a apathetic native or apathetic inhabitant of Canada or United States of America.:

  • "a 27-year-old Apathcan from Des Moines, IA 50301 said “What - me worry?"
  • "I am not worried about what others see for I've nothing to hide."
  • "I am not a criminal so I don't mind sharing all my infoirmation."
  • "Google has info about me that I don't care about."

You read it hear first.

Copyright (©) Jim Dixon (1991)

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